Software Portfolio

Personal Projects

Machine Matrix

Machine Matrix is a Content Management System aimed at businesses that buy and sell industrial machines. It includes CRM tools, invoicing tools, and the ability to track a machine's location and status over its entire lifecycle.


Moodflo is a web app designed especially for individuals suffering from mood disorders. It combines journaling tools with the ability to track mood, awareness, concentration, and energy over time.

SuperSlick CMS

SuperSlick Content Management System is designed to be a superior alternative to sites attempting to use WordPress as a CMS, as well as overly complex CMS tools such as Drupal and Joomla. It features special modules aimed at musicians, bands, DJ's, record labels, visual artists, and art galleries.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a work of interactive fiction, or "text adventure" as it was once back in the day. It was created with the innovative natural language program Inform 7. The Bunker is currently in beta and may be played here.

Flow Factory

Flow Factory is an experimental productivity and Project Management tool, designed to supercharge productivity and maximize concentration, awareness, and flow.

Client Projects

Vets Prevail

While working with Vets Prevail, I developed an advanced multimedia e-learning engine that utilized choose-your-own-adventure type branching logic. The engine was used to teach cognitive-behavioral therapy to veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The front-end for the e-learning software was coded with ActionScript 3, and Ruby on Rails was used for the back end.

AskBlue Medicare / AskBlue Federal

I was the sole full-stack developer on the AskBlue projects while working with Sandstorm Design as both employee and contractor. I created an ActionScript 3 game engine with branching choose-your-own adventure logic and synchronized audio and animation for the front-end. The client had requested that we run the app on Microsoft servers, so on the back end, I used PHP, the Kohana framework, and a Microsoft SQL database. I created a full back end reporting and analytics engine, and also ported parts of the game engine to PHP, which gave us the option of creating a version of the site that screen readers could access.

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Liquid Thread

While freelancing at Liquid Thread, I worked as a full-stack developer on several major corporate websites. Some have since been redesigned, but the the sites listed below are essentially unchanged since I worked on them. All these sites used a custom Ruby on Rails CMS (originally created by Liquid Thread's primary developer), with a significant front-end component created using Backbone, Handlebars, and CoffeeScript.


I worked as Chief Technology Officer at 1xRun, and as part of my duties, I updated and refactored 1xRun's e-commerce website, which was built in PHP with CodeIgniter. The site suffered from a great deal of poorly written, untestable code, and some pages and database queries were extremely slow. I not only fixed numerous bugs, but with the help of data supplied by New Relic, was able to identify and optimize the slowest website components; as a result, site performance was significantly improved, with some operations performing as much as 100 times faster. I also created a new set of blogging tools, using PHP micro-framework Slim.